About Emily


A native of Colorado, Emily Gearhart studied anthropology, psychology, and studio art at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. In New York City she acquired two Master's Degrees, at the School of Visual Art, through their Illustration as Visual Essay program and through the Teaching Fellows program. The most informative of her educational background came through the rare opportunity to travel to Western Samoa, Fiji and the Hawaiian Islands, studying the culture, language, history and economy. Later trips through Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Japan and New Zealand informed and inspired her art making practices.

Emily's personal vision for her work is to share a sense of wonder at the world, to teach children respect for other cultures. She has drawn from personal experiences with each of her children's books. Of the book projects that Emily has written and illustrated, one took place in Hawaii and Japan (Akebono), one in Honduras (Mauricio), one in Costa Rica (Turtle), and one in Samoa (Nafanua). She gravitates toward biography and earth science stories. The imperative to teach peace and to be mindful of the state of the planet are present in her work as well. She loves mythologies, especially when there is an underdog hero, an honest relationship, and a love conquers all attitude.

Emily works as an art teacher for children who think differently. For the past seven years she's been teaching in a D75 public school, setting up a kid friendly art studio and rolling up her sleeves. She has worked with all kinds of students, including those with educational classifications ranging from Autism to Learning Disorders, Developmental Delays and Emotional Disturbance. She uses art to teach language development, communication, sensory integration, body awareness, literacy and emotional development, as well as drawing, painting, printing and crafting techniques. She worked with Susan Duncan of Tribeca's Church Street School for four years and acquired a very Emillio Reggio approach to art education. Emily lives in Brooklyn with her fish, she paints and makes children's books in her home studio.